"Mrs. Meltzer, You deserve huge appreciation for the show you put on -- original, funny (due to the sweet three year olds), endearing, and not too long. I have been to many recitals and THIS ONE BY FAR WAS THE BEST ONE I HAVE EVER ATTENDED."


"Dear Andree, THANK YOU for a great ballet year and for a beautiful show! Have a wonderful summer."


"Andree, I just wanted to say that I loved the show that you produced w/ the little ballerinas. Samantha had such fun and I could tell that she was really enjoying herself. I especially enjoyed the ballet-story connection and the songs."


« Chère Madame Meltzer, mille mercis pour le superbe spectacle. Ce fut grandiose. Je vous souhaite un bel été. Au plaisir de vous revoir en septembre. »

"A sincere thanks for a wonderful show! The girls were beaming. The parents were raving. 

A wonderful evening. Thank you."

"We just wanted to express our gratitude and amazement at how wonderfully the Cinderella show went!It was gorgeous! Everything, from costumes, to music, to dances!

Thank you so much for your hard work to put all this together!
We loved it!"

- Anna & Sergei

"Wow!! Great spectacle!

Congratulations Mrs Meltzer!!

I was there with Beatrice thank you for the tickets. Bea love it and cry because she was not able to join the club!!

Yes it will be great to register our daughter sept 2015

Thank you"

"Hello Mme Meltzer,

Thank you again for all that you have done on all our behalves...making this year a special one for Anya!

Have a restful time and looking forward to September :-))


- Bubby

"It was our pleasure to see ours ballerinas Smiling face with smiling eyes
Show was amassing ,they were so cute
We send regards to all teachers and I want to say that Sofia will continue to go to balle

Thank you again for amassing show

Best Regards"
- Gorana



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