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The studio and its location, on the corner of de-Maisonneuve Boulevard and Wood Avenue in Westmount, have been part of the Montreal scene for more then 30 years. At the time, a number of members of the congregation of the adjacent Church set out to provide ballet lessons to the neighborhood children by renting the hall from the church and hiring a teacher and a pianist. Thus was founded what came to be known as “The Westmount Ballet Co-Op”. Being familiar with the Royal Academy of Dance of London, England, the parents were eager to hire teachers who were RAD certified. Mrs. Sheila Chin, highly qualified by the RAD was one of the first teachers hired, as was Mr. Ron Bourne, the pianist.

We’re proud to say that with the famous “Westmount Square” on one corner, the imposing “Dawson College” on another and the effervescent “Alexis Nihon Plaza” on the 3rd, “Danse Westmount” is the 4th corner of this distinguished square in Montreal.



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