Adult Ballet

Morning and evening classes available.


    Still the greatest way to lengthen and ton ligaments and muscles while re capturing your beauty and grace through the art of the ballet class. If you have taken ballet before, or if you never did and always wanted to… this class is for you!

    Danse Westmount.
    Barre au Sol

    Course: Barre au Sol (all levels)
    Instructor: Julie Robert
    Duration: 1 hr (September – December)
    Course time: Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm
    Pre-requisite: None

    Program Outline:

    Barre au Sol is a whole body conditioning class based on the principles of classical ballet. The class consists of sequences of repetitive ballet-inspired movements accompanied by classical piano music, and is entirely executed on the floor, similarly to Pilates. Barre au Sol helps to develop and maintain correct posture, increase musical awareness, strengthen the muscles in the ankles, feet, legs, lower back and center corps, all while working flexibility in the legs, feet and back. No fitness or dance experience required!


    – Strengthen muscles in legs, back and center corps
    – Increase flexibility in legs and back
    – Develop musical awareness
    – Develop and maintain correct posture


    – Students are required to wear ballet slippers or socks
    – Clothing should preferably be form-fitting and suitable for physical activity
    – Please bring seat cushioning if you have lower back issues

    Fee: please contact administration at

    Courtesy Rule

    Our dance classes are small and every student counts.
    Out of courtesy to the teacher and other dancers please advise us of an absence. Please contact Mrs. Meltzer at:

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