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"We strive for excellence; striving for mediocrity is simply not necessary"

Discipline, musicality, creativity, development of imagination through movement.

Our goal is to instill these important traits in every child, in an environment that is fun, enchanting and inspiring.
Danse Westmount is a Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) qualified dance school located on the corner of de-Maisonneuve Boulevard and Wood Avenue in Westmount, specializing in classical ballet for all ages.

about-historyIn 2003 the members of “The Westmount Ballet Co-Op” relinquished their services and with the recommendation of Mrs. Chin approached Mrs. Andrée Meltzer to head the new dance school. Both, Mrs. Chin and Mr. Ron Bourne remained on board and to this day share their unique talents and experience with our young dancers.

Since then, the Church has been sold to another congregation. However, the excellent ties between the new congregation and the patrons of the studio have remained as good as they have always been.

Though part of the Church, the studio has a separate entrance conveniently located on 326 Wood Ave.

AndreeMeltzer-Danse-WestmountThe Founder: Andrée Meltzer, RADS, Dir.

Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer, Artistic Director

Member of the Royal Academy of Dance since 1993

Past student of: “The Eleanor Ashton School of Dance”; “Les Grands Ballets Canadiens” under the patronage of Mme Ludmilla Chiriaeff, Dir. and Mr. Fernand Nault, Artistic Director; “L’Ecole de Danse de Ballet-Jazz de Montreal”; The ‘’Wingate Institute’’, Israel’s National Centre for Physical Education and Sport; The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Founder/ Artistic Director “Studio A”, Netanya, Israel 1983-1995.

Director of “Danse Westmount” since 2003




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